My Projects

This is a list of all the projects I made

 Portfolio Website 

for myself

My own Portfolio Website. First time using Next.js, Tailwindcss and Strapi. It's responsive!


for Makerspace

A Keydispenser for the different workshops keys. A User logs in, sees which keys he has the permissions to use and are available, presses a button, which causes the dispenser to drop the appropriate key and marks it as in use in the central database. After the user returns, he simply drops the key in and the dispenser marks it as returned.

 Battery repair 

for myself

Changed the individual Lithium-Cells of a cheap E-Bike battery that couldn't hold a charge anymore. Added ~30% more capacity and a new BMS.

Designed and Developed by Matthias Pfeifhofer

Made with Next.js and
tailwindcss, with in Italy

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