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A Keydispenser for the different workshops keys. A User logs in, sees which keys he has the permissions to use and are available, presses a button, which causes the dispenser to drop the appropriate key and marks it as in use in the central database. After the user returns, he simply drops the key in and the dispenser marks it as returned.


The NOI Makerspace has an internal access management system (Based on Fabman), with little nfc boxes that unlock the machines.
The machines are located in 4 different workshops, so if a user wants to enter one, they have to get the key from the employees. With a growing userbase, verifying if a user is allowed to use it and letting those enter, that are allowed to enter outside of business hours, becomes a problem. Additionally, counting the hours of use of a workshop, if the user only uses manual tools isn't possible.

Thats what the Keydispenser is designed to solve.

What does it do?

The Keydispenser basically does what the name implies: dispense the requested workshop key, only if a user has the required permission, and saving it into the access management system.
It also lets a user return a dispensed key, also saving it's return.

Things I used

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Stepper motor
  • Stepper Driver (with software current control)
  • Hall sensor
  • NFC module
  • Neopixel LED's
  • IR LED and detector
  • Servo motor

Designed and Developed by Matthias Pfeifhofer

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tailwindcss, with in Italy

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